Choose a niche you want to focus on. Help, I'm clueless. As a beauty buyer, if there is a brand I am interested in, I will definitely go and reach out to them even before they do. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when all you want to do is get in and get what you need to give you that perfect look. This estimate is based upon 107 Macy's Assistant Buyer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Sales people will always try to talk you into products that may not be the best for you. You don't need much to get started on the path to becoming a beauty guru. When I first envisioned seeing my niche fragrance brand in a store, I always pictured it being on the shelves of Sephora. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can become a better beauty shopper and make the smarter choice when it comes to purchasing your products. We’ve all got a drawer of beauty products we may have used once or twice before throwing in a drawer to forget about. Thanks! There are many stores out there with exchange options that will let you experiment around (within reason!) Do some research online and make sure to check if the stores you love to frequent have any kind of points system. You will sometimes not need to show high monthly sales to become eligible for discounts. This sounds overtly simplistic if you have the buyer’s contact info. Assistant Buyer Resume Help. Account Settings Payments, contact info, addresses and password Have you ever watched Shark Tank? Method 1 of 4: Identifying Your Brand 1. Buyers are extremely busy people, so be confident and concise when describing your product. Be fair, but be firm with your brands. Macy’s, Inc. continually seeks new vendor partners to provide merchandise for our stores, as well as goods and services for our operations. Become a Beauty Editor Beauty editors manage the appearance-related content in a publication, which can include features on skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. Choose a niche you want to focus on. You are pulling sales from the previous week, and analyzing what your category did. Whether you're wanting to supplement your current income by making a little extra cash, or become a wholesaler as your full time job, there are a variety of business types you can get involved in. They need to be seasons ahead when it comes to their choices, and do their best to ensure the brand is as relevant and on-trend as possible. Beauty Advisor Recommendations Recommendations from your store visits. Find information and policies regarding Beauty Insider points and rewards. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Assistant Buyer at Macy's can expect to make an average total pay of $60,457 . Help, I'm clueless. Create a product profile. You need to present this data to the higher-ups in the merchandising division. Therefore, you not only have to show recruiters that you possess these skills but also that you have the drive and ambition that make you an ideal candidate for the gig. That’s how I ended up in the corporate side of retail; working on the administration side. Brand creation relies on truly understanding the buyer persona. If you sell Avon part-time or have a hairdressing license, you may be able to buy beauty products wholesale on your own. Definitely beauty. Becoming an outstanding buyer demands curiosity—and a lot of training. Luckily, there are answers. The chain is owned by retailing giant Urban Outfitters and boasts 216 locations as of September, 2015. On top of that, you are receiving knowledge about the products and sales coming from these brands, because like I said, there is constant innovation happening in these industries. Your product is matched with the right category buyer. How did you become a beauty buyer? Buyers must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships with a variety of professionals, suppliers, and clients. Buyers are extremely busy people, so be confident and concise when describing your product. As a retailer you will often have access to beauty products at a discount. Tip. A good level of creativity is similarly essential, keeping your store fresh and relevant, rather than simply following the … This is particularly the case with beauty, an area of consumer culture that is particularly rife with disparate ethical debates and rival calls for action. View Schools What is a Retail Buyer? The last ten days illustrated how complex the whole notion of conscious beauty can be. So as a buyer, you are always planning promotions, and you’re in discussion with other brands about all these promos. i have a vast knowledge of cosmetics and fragrance and i am going to college soon and plan to major in business management and marketing, but how exactly would i go about becoming a buyer particularly in the beauty industry? This is why you need to maintain and nourish relations with your brands, because you both need each other. If you don’t see that, the likelihood of you being promoted is not big, even if you are really good. At Morrisons we treat our obligations under the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) seriously. Learn more below and Contact Us to develop your idea or product further with an end goal of retail distribution. As a result, there are a number of available opportunities for distributors within the hair industry. Sign up and search through Pinterest for inspiration, browse for those out of the way beauty shops you may not know exist, and get reviews on products before you buy them. It has a section that covers the most common assistant buyer interview questions and how to answer these questions strategically. Top Sustainability Bloggers To Follow in 2020, Beauty Bloggers Unite to Bring Social Change, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Commercial awareness is probably the most vital skill for anyone thinking of becoming a Buyer. Read our Vendor Code of Conduct and contact our buyers via email! Your small cosmetic brand needs a clever business promotion plan to not only tackle the competition but also to eventually become a leader in your specialty of cosmetics products. Out of graduation, I worked as a security officer for the Government of Canada, but I hated it. What does it take to become a Beauty Buyer? Prospective students searching for Become a Buyer for a Major Department Store: How-To Guide found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. Becoming An Ulta Beauty Supplier. Becoming a retail buyer typically requires an undergraduate degree in a related field, although entry is also possible by gaining an entry-level job with a retail organization and working your way up. If you keep at it, you might just build your hobby into a beauty empire! Buyers are looking for innovation – you have to be selling something that people want to buy. Learn about the career path of a retail buyer who selects and purchases new merchandise for retail stores. Kevin McLain. In my spa, I adopted a sales-through-education approach to skincare that would teach our clients about healthy skincare, ingredients that might address their specific skin conditions and a slower approach to product discovery. You need to be persistent, and that doesn’t make you annoying, us buyers are used to that. The Complex Notion of Conscious Beauty. This degree prepares students for a dynamic marketing environment by introducing the fundamentals of traditional business practices like communication, leadership, management, financial management, and strategic planning. Here, Idea Buyer has created an infographic specific to getting your product into Anthropologie! Become a retailer yourself. What skills do you need to be a successful beauty buyer? Consumers love buying on sale, we want to make sure we are getting a deal, because if we are, we tend to buy more. Your friends don’t have any financial stake when it comes to your beauty purchases, so don’t be afraid to use their expertise to get the best bang for your buck. Anyone who works in the beauty industry will tell you that it’s an inviting, inspiring place, full of empowering women, evolving ideas, and the occasional (OK, constant) heated discussion about the merits of one holy-grail beauty product over another (seriously, though, don’t ever knock our Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil, $48). How to Become a Retail Buyer in 5 Steps. Luckily, there are answers. It’s important you don’t become a victim of this. Your pay will obviously increase if you do that way too! If you’re already going to these stores anyway, you might as well be benefiting from the great benefits they have to offer. If you sell Avon part-time or have a hairdressing license, you may be able to buy beauty products wholesale on your own. What does it take to become a vital member of Space NK’s super-team? In the Tyrells’ experience, it was all about the product. would i need to also attend cosmetology school to broaden my knowledge of cosmetics? Salary estimates are based on 16,013 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Buyer employees. In addition to education and work experience, you need computer proficiency, communication skills, and analytical skills. Beauty Traits & Color IQ Complete your beauty traits for personalized recommendations. 1. Create a product profile. Some tips for obtaining the buyer’s contact info: Almost all web sites these days have corporate phone numbers (I […] The national average salary for a Buyer is $57,263 in United States. Steps. You will sometimes not need to show high monthly sales to become eligible for discounts. You don't need much to get started on the path to becoming a beauty guru. Specialize in a jewelry niche--this will help your focus on a particular target market. A buyer’s time is valuable, and being able to demonstrate the potential of a product quickly and stand out amongst the vast number of suppliers looking to get into any store is important. Business? As a buyer, you have to negotiate an exit strategy before you take on a brand. Be fair, but be firm with your brands. You need to be flexible, but also firm. If you are a current supplier to Morrisons, and have any general queries in relation to GSCOP, please contact our Code Compliance Officer by email at Becoming An Ulta Beauty Supplier. Your Brand Buyer Persona. Tip. Some employers prefer candidates with advanced qualifications, such as a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or a relevant field. There’s a lot at risk on both ends in the event that the inventory doesn’t sell through as planned. All throughout high school, I worked in retail and so I was familiar with store-front retail, but no idea what corporate retail was like. Fashion Buyers select which products to sell in their stores, taking into consideration factors such as customer buying habits, price, quality and market trends. Beauty therapy is an exciting and rewarding career, and is one that doesn’t feel like you’re actually going to work! How to open a day spa business or beauty salon; How to become a mobile beautician and start a mobile beauty salon; How to own your own hair salon; In all areas of the beauty industry – whether you are finding out how to become a hairdresser or how to open a nail bar – there are a few important things to bear in mind.