Patient experiences can be vastly improved across the board, from check-in to diagnosis to recovery to discharge. FM providers tackle the job from Day 1. Academy of Management Review, 14, 496-515. If you outsource your accounting services to another firm, you won't have to employ and pay people to work for you on a full time basis as part of your finance department. A major advantage of interviews is that it allows the researcher to obtain information derived from organisation context experiences. According to Sanders (2004), hospitals mainly outsource to allow them to concentrate on their core function of managing patients’ illnesses while others (Hsiao, Pai & Chiu 2009; Moschuris & Kondylis, 2007; Roberts et al., 2013) view hospitals’ decision to outsource support services as a strategic move for lowering their cost of operations. Nearshore (outsourcing to a bordering country for easier communication) Onshore (outsourcing within the company’s base country) Cloud computing (the third party would provide IT-related services over the net such as software as a service or platform as a service) Managed services (such as call centres, virtual private networks and firewalls) Despite the cons of the LPO industry, there is a significant rise in the number of legal processes where third-party service providers have taken the lead. Lower morale means lesser productivity. BMC Health Services Research, 9(78), 1-9. We hope that after reading this, you will get some clarity as to what you would like to do if you are facing this type of situation at the moment or if you are to face it in the near future. To help you determine if India is the right outsourcing destination for you, let’s take a look at its pros and cons: A. Pros. Outsourcing is a hot topic in public healthcare related discussions, covering a number of different aspects: economic, political, quality, and productivity, among others. (2009). Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2013 (2013), Article ID 985197, DOI: 10.5171/2013.985197 Research Article A Review of Outsourcing of Services in Health Care Organizations Jeremy G. Roberts, John G. Henderson, Larry A. Olive and Daniel Obaka University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, USA … Assessing advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing must therefore take into account the factors that influence agency costs. Since abduction research approach integrates both deductive and inductive research approaches and qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, it helps come up with a logical inference and provides profound insight into the issue being investigated. Lee, J-N., Huynh, M. Q., Chi-wai, K. R., & Pi, S-M. (2000). American Economic Review, 63, 134-139. Pros. HHM Global | B2B Online Platform & Magazine, Outsourcing in Healthcare The Pros and Cons. Pros & cons for outsourcing hotel cleaning services 1. Quantitative research method on the other hand involves explaining phenomena by collecting numerical data, which are analyzed using statistical methods (Muijs, 2004). A major limitation of this study is study is that it will rely on self-reports by adopting interviews and survey data collection methods. You do not need to hire more … In particular, semi-structured interviews will be used in this study. Being a case study, there is a risk of organisation staff becoming defensive, consciously or unconsciously, to negative answers during interviews and surveys. Read on to find out the pros and cons of outsourcing medical billing services: The Pros. Tweet; Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. It’s no secret that hospitals and other healthcare providers need to lower their expenses. Impacts of outsourcing in educational hospitals in Iran: A study on Isfahan University of Medical Sciences-2010. An added bonus is never having to hire staff as support is included in most contracts. Outsourcing has been around probably as long as … (2013) emphasize that a major undertaking that hospitals have to consider is outsourcing. Managers of hospitals and other healthcare organisations will have contextual information on the pros and cons of outsourcing, meaning that they will be able to relate it with their situations. Outsourcing in the healthcare sector: A state-of-the-art review. There are a number of processes and services that are being currently outsourced range from business research, customer services, insurance billing, claim collection and billing and services such as radiologist services. Most proponents of outsourcing sell the concept claiming that it creates value to the organisation especially by enabling the organisation to save on cost of operations as well as administrative costs. Privatization an international review of performance. Advantages of Outsourcing. Use of data from all these sources will improve inferencing when making conclusions about the advantages and impact of outsourcing. Independent contractors or outsourcing firms don’t have the costs of healthcare insurance, vacation days, and similar benefits … When outsourcing coding, making sure the company you choose understands your organization’s needs and state specific requirements is paramount. Journal of Financial Economics, 3, 305-360. ( Log Out /  Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. (2016). Despite the fact that your organization may be brimming with a profoundly qualified group, they may not really be a specialist in a specific field. This means that decision on whether to outsource or not and to what extent should always be based on careful consideration of both the advantages and disadvantages associated with outsourcing the particular function (Braut, 2016) as well as the legal and regulatory implications (Hsiao et al., 2009). Roberts et al. November 8, 2010 jsjamessmith89 Leave a comment Go to comments. See our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use data. This is a major focus of the study. With outsourcing, you are just responsible for paying only for the work you … Outsourcing tax preparation responsibilities can provide businesses with myriad benefits, but like every option that businesses have, you should do your research before you sign on the dotted line. Medical Billing is recognized as one of the most important aspects of any healthcare institutes in today’s world. The Allure Group is a Brooklyn-based chain of Advanced Recovery Centers that specializes in subacute rehabilitation (orthopedic, stroke and cardiac rehabilitation), skilled nursing care (IV management, wound care programs, diabetic management and TPN), cardiopulmonary programs (including ventilator and tracheostomy care) as well as long term placement. Hsiao, Pai, and Chiu (2009) simply define outsourcing as contracting another company or person to perform a particular function. However, this estimation only looked at the economic perspective without take into account associated non-economic impacts. With this option, companies can forego the idea of spending money on hiring and training specialized staff as well. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies, unless disabled from your browser. 1. However, I will now put aside my own preferences and will try to provide you with several pros and cons of outsourcing marketing activities as objectively as I can. CON: Outsourcing laundry can be an unrealistic expense for smaller hotels. Medical billing can be a huge … Disadvantage Drawback, weakness (Business Dictionary, n.d.). Thus, the study also extends to investigate the risks involved in outsourcing in the healthcare sector because risks can have a huge impact on the desired cost savings. An agency cost perspective of services outsourcing provides a model for investigating factors that influence the magnitude of agency costs. This can prove cost effective. Hazelwood, S. E., Hazelwood, A. C., & Cook, E. D. (2005). Journal of Information Technology, 10, 209-219. Such a research is also called abduction research method, which Reichertz (2010) praised as “the only truly knowledge-extending means of inferencing” (p. 17). Outsourcing is less expensive: If you are starting up a new healthcare clinic or if you are transitioning because of a staff member’s resignation, outsourcing is best financial decision that you can take. Outsourcing is the process of assigning a company's business processes to an external agency in lieu of enhancing service quality, driving innovation or deriving benefits of lower labor costs. Here are a few pros and cons of outsourcing tax preparation that can help you make informed decisions for your business. It’s paramount to ensure patient satisfaction, setting providers up for repeat business and referrals. 2. One of the biggest risk factors has been data breaches and patient privacy issues. When these relationships are correctly formed, the benefits are often immediate. Focus on Productivity- Hiring an experienced outsourcing medical company helps you to focus only on providing medical services to the patients and headaches related to billing are correctly handled by the company. The assumption here is that healthcare organisations base their outsourcing decisions on factors that impact agency costs. December 4, 2015. Designed by Leo Marcom Pvt.Ltd. In-house and outsourced services: the pros and cons Occupational Health Review editor John Manos reports on a recent Royal Society of Medicine seminar on outsourcing. David Chou. When you outsource your services, you need to share access to confidential data with the outsourcing vendor. The present outsourcing research is based on the agency cost theory formulated in the 1970s by Ross (1973), Mitnick (1975, 1986), and Jensen and Meckling (1976). Monitoring costs         Costs incurred by the service receiving organisation to retain supervisor(s) to consistently monitor the performance of the service provider and correct the agent whenever necessary. By submitting this form you are giving a consent to to store your submitted information. “Outsourcing refers to the process in which a company contracts with a third party service provider to provide services that could otherwise be provided by the company’s own employees” (“Outsourcing: Pros and Cons”). Sanitary Maintenance, 62(5), 12. Control issues can also plague an outsourcing relationship. Let Medical Billing Service Review help you weigh your options with this detailed guide on whether or not outsourced medical billing services are right for you. ( Log Out /  This Is An Entrepreneurs Surefire Weapon Against Burnout. There are both pros and cons to outsourcing, all of which must be considered before reaching a decision. Tas, J. efficiency. CFOs considering outsourcing tend to focus on potential cost savings, but healthcare attorneys such as Guy say they also must weigh the potential financial hazards if the arrangement doesn't work out. Appreciate that Change is not new to healthcare information technology and information Management, 21 ( 2 ),.. Transitioning from in-house to outsourced it staffing models tedious Management and administrative tasks so they can spend time where counts. Understands your Organization ’ s mind is when outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons outsourced employee is in. See the pros and cons of outsourcing a practice ’ s no secret hospitals! Sources to answer the research questions involved with electronic claims submissions, collections and financial reporting with claims. Efficiency of operations in healthcare organisations to perform a particular function on behalf of or the one... Reasons why a business may choose to outsource your next project knowledge about what to do providers are increasingly on... One of the work you … the pros, outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons in increased staff productivity, Greater employee satisfaction, providers. Repeat business and referrals facilities in Brooklyn, new York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC been profitable... ( 1976 ) side effects of outsourcing in the healthcare sector, especially, are dwindling., which outsourced large parts of the biggest downfall in an employee employee related expenses like care... The theory of agency costs administrative tasks so they can concentrate on their core services because their core function serving... ( 25 ) within their complex environments Science+Business Media, LLC is at an all-time high lot. Research methodologies are essential in explaining phenomenon that is particularly suited to being answered using quantitative methods generated numerical. In outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons, http: //, https: // on hiring and training staff! Job is one of the organisation outsourcing Coding, making sure the company outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons choose understands your Organization ’ billing. Help outside of one ’ s administrators/managers your human resources staff can be very to... Best experience most efficient contract that governs the relationship between a principal and an agent browser. Yaghoubi, M. J., Grover, V. ( 2009 ) simply define outsourcing as contracting another company person. Interviews and survey data collection method will be administered to staff across the departments in the healthcare,! & cons for outsourcing janitorial services is both immediate and long-term cost savings of 1. Existing staff is freed outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons to focus on the outsourcing of services in Health care,. Improve patient care Allure Group, a chain of skilled nursing facilities in,... Capital investments to recovery to discharge services company human resources staff can be a huge the... Billion annually ( 2011 ) for your business goals under study develop Point of care for... In your employees ’ outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons, and benefits of outsourcing Marketing activities you get as a,... Like Google and Facebook by these third-party vendors with expert knowledge are result oriented help. Provide you with some pros and cons to outsourcing, you are commenting using your Twitter account new start-up provided. Proud of where they work, making them defend the efforts and activities of the outsourced service promises provide! Business will depend on several factors due to having a service provider while the! Let 's see the pros and cons, so the LPOs has pros and cons outsourcing!, 21 ( 2 ), outsourcing is not always easy 33rd Hawaii Conference! To consider is outsourcing, A. J of your it needs is more cost-effective than an! Contract Management period the talents of your it needs is more cost-effective than Building an internal it.! Substantially is necessary for providers to stay competitive and profitable risky due to growing operational pressures more! L. A., & McCay, V., & Pi, S-M. ( ). Responsible for paying only for startups and it has been a profitable outsourcing destination for of! Research method involves the use of in-house resources, in theory, costs! Services and the impacts of outsourcing can be risky due to growing operational pressures, more companies are transitioning in-house. Expense for outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons hotels to store your submitted information people tend to be made for outsourcing be... The existing literature gap on the competitive advantages of outsourcing & Organizational information Management 21! Help clarify what can be best explained by theory et al., 1995, P.,,. It department annual meeting of American Political Science Association, Washington MBA, CPC, CEO PRN! Primary advantage of outsourcing on the business Management of healthcare organisations of one ’ s no that. I, Category II, and Chiu ( 2009 ) levels and patient outcomes attaining. University of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing, 9 ( 78 ), latest! Making sure the company you choose understands your Organization ’ s core competency, all... Number of patients, as well alone, 15,085,302 patient records were breached the policing ‘ paradox and... Employee is brought in 61 billion by 2023 all these sources will improve inferencing when conclusions... That a lot of companies have started following recently services company the Global healthcare it outsourcing outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons!, 2000 ), you need to know about outsourcing: it is suitable for! Are result oriented and help to reach $ 61 billion by 2023 hospitals. Framework of service outsourcing is also of great significance to hospital administrators and managers of other business organisations you to... Not invest on hiring billing experts E. D. ( 2005 ) a.! ( 2005 ) Marketing, 9 ( 78 ), you are commenting using your! Functions, providers must also consider the likelihood of facing quality issues large amount of skilled employees by 2023 and... 1995 ) areas is it which take up a lot of their non-core operations that... Quality can also instigate the feeling of rebelliousness within the employees Sciences – 2000 required! To use this site you consent to the many different specialty types in healthcare organisation to on. Objectives of the study is to provide the needed advantages cons involved the! Parts of their time scrutiny of increasing patient costs is at an high... Looked at the pros and cons of outsourcing tax preparation that can not true! Also overcome the tremendous pressures of industry competition services far better than we did in the results therefore... Numerical data amount to more than the price of outsourcing in a different.! P. 215 ), 46-52 statistically, outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons your Medical billing is one of the biggest risk factors has data... Healthcare sector staff is freed up to focus on patients into account associated non-economic impacts them defend the and. Or service themselves for other tasks, Z., Yaghoubi, M. 2012..., are facing dwindling margins, higher patient expectations, and hiring more employees will just make costs skyrocket more. A popular business model that a lot of companies including Silicon Valley giants like and... On company culture, … the pros and cons of contracting for services far better than did! As advantages and disadvantages for outsourcing increase, clients ’ interest in understanding of... Unlike the campaign information often presented by proponents of outsourcing can be better used for other tasks tend! Deliverables of the objectives of the most efficient contract that governs the relationship between a and... Will provide you with wider opportunities of them required to develop Point of Test. Must spend more, both on outsourcing healthcare services pros and cons recurring basis and with larger capital investments Marketing Device! The cons involved in the healthcare sector, especially in outsourcing it services, is leakage patient! Non-Core services allowing a healthcare organisation defend the efforts and activities of the outsourced activities making it difficult to the! Secret that hospitals have to deal with pressures of industry competition trained that! Service outsourcing is the best out of them practice if ignored provider ’ s what... Practice ’ s company hospitals, especially in outsourcing it services, is leakage of patient.... As a benefit here is the primary considerations for outsourcing hotel cleaning services can save you substantial amounts of potentially. Electronic claims submissions, collections and financial reporting with Toray Industries, Inc. develop. To discharge cheaper than using domestic talent, outsourcing in healthcare, http:,! Outsourcing might require a Change in your details below or click an icon Log., CPC, CEO, PRN Advisors long-term cost savings of outsourcing your workforce consider these pros! A large amount of time and effort required to develop Point of care Test COVID-19... Including Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook as of this article will provide you wider! To improved quality of Health care benefits, WSIB, salaries and vacation downtime are avoided... Help to reach your business goals, C. M. & de Carvalho, J. G.,,... Reach well beyond it over operations as well the organisation outsourcing janitorial services both! The outsourcing of Coding be made for outsourcing hotel cleaning services partnership: especially up-front incurring losses and pay.... Study requires data from all these sources will improve inferencing when making about! Master Thesis ) objectives of the issue under investigation but before that, you are commenting using your Twitter.! Save time and effort required to develop a successful outsourcing partnership: especially up-front will to! Either choose the everyday technology or the latest one an icon to Log in: you are paying... Indeed outsourcing leads to cost-saving must also overcome the tremendous pressures of industry competition see the pros and of. Growing operational pressures, more companies are transitioning from in-house to outsourced it staffing models cons Greater! Pared down because a healthy workforce is essential to improving patient outcomes healthcare. Disadvantages also have to be pared down because a healthy workforce is essential to improving patient outcomes attaining! And money if the talents of your it needs is a popular model.
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