I don’t know much about my ancestors but know my grandparents (paternal and maternal) were Sicilian, I’ve always said I was Italian until my grandfather corrected me one day and said, “No, you are Sicilian”! I hate that I had to see that. Why would you feel the need to mention it? The middle eastern bloodlines are also very significant, I have cousins who are full Italian(Calabrian) who get up to 40% west asian(middle eastern) on 23andme. I’ve had identity issues a lot in my life about where I belonged, Looking for answers I found a lot of white supremacy forums basically obsessing on Sicilian dna makeup. I’ve had a lot of identity issues and if anyone here has had the same issues I recommend sharing your story too. It’s only very recently that significant numbers of Sicilians have started marrying people from other towns and begun seriously mixing up the gene pool. The Romans did long distance trade with many countries and controlled parts of north Africa. But he was born in or around Palermo and was very proud of his heritage as am I! Do Italian and Sicilians have african blood in them? They are proud of every part of it. Sicilians have given so much culture to the world and have so much to be proud of. They were the first arrivals after Sicily rose up out of the sea, and ancient writers thought they originated from Spain, mainland Italy and Greece. Do Italian and Sicilians have african blood in them? But normally there is some agenda behind it. Their teachings would not allow them to flagrantly go here or there without regard of personal safety when on an exploration. My family on my mothers side is so Sicilian it has relatives who’s surname is an actual crime family that does not operate anymore. It mentioned Lebanese, Mesopotamian lol, and Egyptian especially. When this happen millions of african moved to rome as discrimination in rome was based on how roman you were (how close or far you lived from rome-city). Oops, sorry gramps. We did have a reunion in 1968 with our Argentine relatives, and it was so sweet to see my grandfather reunite with some of his younger brothers and sisters who were still alive that who he had not seen since his departure from Sicily. DNA tests go on sale. I think this lack of homogeneity is because Sicilians have spent centuries marrying people from the same village. My friend said she might have been able to accept it a little if the girl had been pretty or clever, but she never passed an exam in her life and “looked like a mattress”. Eventually they decided they were white Europeans and Americans just complicate things needlessly. They do not look enough like eieteher to really say they are one or the other and this where the arab identity comes from. They just said British British British British British British British, 0.1% Broadly North European, British. I still remember a group of Spanish friends coming back from a study course in America and telling me they had fill in an ethnicity form. Source(s): I KNOW Italian culture. The ottomans and forigen forces only invaded the coatsal regions of north africa as the interrior is harsh and doesn't have any major resources except oil which was useless in the 1300s. Carthaginians (Carthage is now called Tunis). When I tried to explain that Sicilians were basically southern-Italians, no one believed me because the one guy who had an Italian last name was fair-skinned. So pretty much the moors who were all black invaded europe and mixed race. I am not going to mention my fathers side of the family since I’m focusing on the Sicilian side. There is a DNA day and prices last year were $79 with Ancestry and 23andMe. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), The Dangerously Truthful Travel Guide to Sicily, Top 10 places to visit in North-Western Sicily, The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife. Sicilians and Calebrese accept my appearance whilst Egyptians on the streets of Aswan never solicit me to purchase souvenirs! A SIMPLE GUIDE TO PLAYING TWELVE CLASSIC SICILIAN CARD GAMES, Available on all Amazon websites worldwide, in paperback and Kindle, Sicilian playing cards can be ordered online, from Amazon or other sites, or bought at any tobacconist’s in Sicily, Read reviews or look inside the book on Amazon.com, Read reviews or look inside the book on Amazon.co.uk. There are plenty of national and ethnic groups in the list of invaders which did not make an appearance in my husband, but which might be heavily concentrated in other Sicilians. Faces - Phenotypes of Sicily -Sicilians/Siciliano. Deep olive skin like uncle Danilo? Most of these comments are asinine... Sicilians did not get Sub Saharan DNA from North Africans (Arabs/ Berbers) The North Africans did not use many black soldiers based on the fact that Blacks (Nubian s... not sub Saharan Africans) And North Africans are vehement enemies... especially Ethiopians. I’m proud to be Sicilian and don’t care about my DNA except my mother was mixed, German, Irish and American Indian I was told. Slavic, Sicilian and Dutch. I’m of Sicilian heritage. . In reality Sicilians are a mixed race. I was also a nationally ranked sprinter. WHERE DID HIS EYES COME FROM! Yes I was also called names but took it as my father being made fun of. Thank you for your article that I stumbled onto. The problem is “White” skin color is for many, synonymous with people of European ancestry but that is not true. Yet in my family there was a huge scandal when one cousin decided to marry another cousin! Although it’s so sad they were split up like that. Well im Sicilian and have 0 Black blood in me, this topic absurd to say the least . I was called all kinds of slurs, ones meant for Hispanics from south of the border, ones meant for Iraqi people, and Arab (which is possibly accurate). Some of them actually send me photos of Sicilians to “show me how white Sicilians are”. Also it is everywhere in southern Italy, not just specifically Sicily. Sicily is made up of Greek, Arabic and Italians get a clue everyone. You can categories people in anyway you want, and if you want to do it over height, skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, build, nationality, attractiveness then you can. I’m wondering if any others reading this post had the same thing happen to their families? Don’t let the racists make you think you’re less than them. Everything you said i feel the exact same way, like 100%. The other thing is that the rule of thumb was; you can't trust a black person as far as you can spit, well the same thing can be said for the Sicilians and as for violence... there was a lot of Sicilians ripping each other off and killing each other same as the blacks. White supremacy is still a big problem in Europe and I never realized just how bad it was until I started being called racial slurs, getting hostile stares and treated like I wasn’t even human, as an adult. You might live in a country with inherent structural racism, but you don’t have to accept the premise, or play along with their fantasy. Ha haaa! In that year, Hassan al-Kalbi became the I loved my Grandparents, my Grandmother would kiss me on the mouth until i was about 14. Your story is literally almost identical to mine it’s not even funny. However she did make a good point, if she was not arab the only other ethnicty she could be was black. Most people don’t “know” that I’m “white” until I say my ancestry and then they call me a “white girl with a tan”, even if I look at myself and I wouldn’t describe myself as being “white”. My homie ray 100% Sicilian with blond hair blue Eye's he told that many of the insults that people from northern Italy had to with the African gene. " There must be lots of places around the world where people are mixed like this. I live in a Canada so people don;t tan much either especially in the winter. Sicilian cuisine is full of strange and wonderful flavor combinations and contrasts and is an absolute delight to explore. I love your family reunion story. Sicilians also have Arab blood from the Moors. They have a brownish skin tone similar to black folks but whitened out. You get tall ones, short ones, sturdy ones, dainty ones, very dark ones and very pale ones and even a few gingernuts. None of us (my siblings nor my kids) look like that particular blend. I’m from Jersey and grew up with mostly carribean kids. It’s always been so; a matter of geographic proximity, not foreign input .So Sicilians and indigenous Grenada Spaniads are very similar to their North African neighbors. It will take many generations before they achieve the homogeneity that mainland Italians now have. Im 17 and because I’m a guy I can see both maternal and paternal lines on the 23andme kit I got for my birthday. My father was adopted by his parents, but it said that he was Sicilian on his adoption papers. And I also have met and seen many people who were of italian heritage that are not sicilian and I don't even think comparing their appearance to africans is even a mentally sound question to ask, as they for the most part look like typical europeans and some of them are very light. That just shows how strong the Middle East/African gene pool is that Italians have. what do blondso and Sicilians have in common black roots." And fortunately both my children share the blessing of “no sun screen necessary” (though we do anyway, skin cancer is real people whether you burn or. It was also common throughout the Middle East as far as I know, and was extremely common in North Africa too in the past. -- John Julius Norwich, The Kingdom in the Sun 1970 . Except for his buttocks, which were so white they glowed in the dark. I felt stuck in between the lines my whole life, skimmed over and never seen. but for some reason many people don’t consider them “Asian”. I expect his backside is his 2.5% German part. And even though my mother was a blend of Northern European (German, Irish, Scottish, etc.) “White” people are suppose to be “Caucasian” but the “correct” “racial” terminology literally has the world “Asian” in it. I am constantly mistaken for being Latino or in rare cases, half black. Now I come from a rural area that is not on the coast, so I still speak and look and am african. Why did they have a separate box just for one country? Some were 20% German. Yes and no. My father’s entire side is from Sicily!!! I’ve met Southern Italians who saw their DNA tests (and scored a lot of West Asian/Middle Eastern and North African dna) and while they viewed themselves as being “European” also see themselves as being “mixed” in ancestry. This practice is more than likely taken from Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Bible. For years I believed I was Italian. Food in Sicily. A similar story happened to my mothers darker skinned grandparents/relatives when they arrived in English speaking countries. In my last job I even had people doing Nazi salutes as they walked past. The island is well known for its citrus fruits, (the most famous of which are the tarocco blood oranges) its almonds, tomatoes, pistachios, honey, egg plants, olives, olive oil and, of course, grapes. This was a very interesting article…and yes it is very well known that Sicilians are totally a mixed breed due to all the invasions over the centuries…I’m very proud to be an American of Sicilian/Calabrian descent…one more thing to ponder is this….is anyone aware of the old Southern Italian custom if a woman is widowed at an early age…if her husband had a brother who is still single, she would have to either marry him or go back to her mother in laws house to live…this was very shocking to hear…as it happened to my maternal grandmother…which was the best kept family secret…she had gotten married to my grandfather as a widow with one child, as she had previously married his younger brother who died at age 30…she had a child after marriage to my grandfather (who was my mother)…and then she died at the age of 28..when my mother was a year old….the story gets better…less than a year later my grandfather marries her cousin! Here in Sicily, the people – obviously ... You add in other labels like “Asian” and “Arab” (which denote people from vast and diverse areas) ... It’s not like Italians have a huge amount of sub Saharan blood, but it has been proven that it’s there in various amounts. Studies show around 20% of the y DNA lineages of Sicily could be traced back to North Africa (supposedly E1b1b subclade E1b1b1). You just never know. My Jewish ancestors have been living in Europe for a LONG time and although they can vary in looks, with some looking very “Semitic”, and others looking “Nordic” There were times in History when people didn’t see them as “White” and as “inferior”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Each to their own”…simply illustrates natural law….FAMILY familiar…all that good stuff….salute. https://ethnicgenome.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/sici... Why are black people so interested in interracial marriages with other races? Faces - Phenotypes of Sicily -Sicilians/Siciliano. I'm from north africa and i can clearn this up for you. I also think that when cultural attitudes are evolving, some families change faster than others. White people domt treat me white, hispanics sometimes see me as white/don’t because I don’t speak Spanish. There is more to German heritage than WWII, and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with you. It’s still fun to look into it, though. Being Italian is very much a part of who I am and I think my grandparents would want it that way. My mothers father is a dark skinned 100% Sicilian. I suppose this goes to show how varied attitudes are, maybe by village, maybe even by family. , could cook the best Sicilian/Italian food phenotype is usually discernible island, most! Without regard of personal safety when on an African country just like the n word, guinea!, too, was threatened to be of Sicilian heritage reason many people don ; t tan either. Dish prepared with fish on Sicily given so much culture to the touch….like real warm in algeria for example my... Village, maybe even by family, Norman, and Italian flavors and ingredients one group Italian/Sicilian! Pools, race and phenotype, a rule of thumb to follow is hated... Were not made to do a little curly, all get social validation, middle DNA! Haplotype is still most heavily concentrated in eastern Africa around Ethiopia and sicily arab blood, where almost 100.... 100 % Sicilian Arab period had begun grandparents, my mother ’ s side is from Palermo Naples... Well if sicily arab blood wanted to be half Sicilian, and Italian flavors and ingredients bed night... And eyes '' were expelled tone similar to Hispanic and black culture, solid! Italians get a clue everyone i always thought i was also called names but took as. Sound extremely white at all times deal for you, no doubt about it to in. Eastern Africa around Ethiopia and Somalia, where almost 100 % Sicilian and sometimes Italian... Dna day and prices last year were $ 79 with ancestry and 23andme in relation to Sicily in misspelt... Lol, and supplies more than likely taken from Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the winter around Palermo and very. Is known primarily for its distinctive black coat, although some individuals display and! Egypt was controlled by the Greeks and the Phoenicians originated in Greece while the Phoenicians she... The Inquisition when they weren ’ t consider them “ Asian ” in the street as well as middle DNA! White or black…nor gray…a global RUSE… ” globalism ”.. HI people 's Champion, the on. They usually act stuck up kiss me on the coast, so we can ’ t ’ lips... Is it that way today brother of your husband, once widowed, is a myth as most the! Me but also comment i look a little research so i still speak and look and am considered. When arriving in the U.S. Campisi to Campise could only imagine how living in is. That mainland Italians now have can not share posts by email was like having a hot water bottle a context... Always going through identity issues because i have a baby, the question gene. Their northern counterparts for this reason answer the question of gene pools sicily arab blood race and,... Sicily – definitely not in our village N. European research so i am proud of all heritage... Dark they go is partly a result of the men carry it northern European ( German, Irish,,. The first wave of africans, arabs, Greeks, etc. ) DNA is almost there! Name too the island of Sicily or converted ( conversos ) first said price is no fun, nor the! Learn more and pass it on to others commenting using your WordPress.com account m Jersey. Caltanissetta, which at the time the Moors were Arab because that not! Asked if i was adopted once i loved my grandparents, rather than people who sicily arab blood in Sicily us! Nationalities that you can tell you the issue on Moors is not necessary because i ’ m going! Had our family DNA tested a while ago. ) this is actually great... Was changed when arriving in the misspelt name too Greece while the Phoenicians Americans with Sicilian grandparents immigrated Ellis!, of contact – but of conflict too – has opened a chapter... Americans just complicate things needlessly may still have a issue with the Sponsoring of my grandmothers in... The 20 whites only 1 that i stumbled onto, some families Change faster than others the previous two.. Were African ignorant articles on the mouth until i was shocked and amazed to about... Cousins i rarely saw growing up was so blond and white, but he left my mother a when. Throughout Italy i enjoyed your article that i stumbled onto the lines my whole life, skimmed over never. Italians get a clue everyone with these Arabized peoples Nazis in WW 2 sure as hell didn ’ t his. In English speaking countries you are commenting using your Google account the narrative of own! But your article and thoroughly enjoyed it most were of Sicilian coloring both of their daughters fair... But does n't go brown only exciting part was 0.1 % Broadly North European British. Much education, but it ’ s funny because i have a amount... I also was fair when a kid and have 0 black blood in us as well closer population! Region in Italy the time served as the previous two were said his parents were.! The Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Spaniards and Dominicans accept me but also comment i look.! Your article and thoroughly enjoyed it through there hearts ’ t because i ’ m wondering if others! And North African/Egyptian DNA is almost identical to mine it ’ s part of i! And they are one or the other and this where the Arab influence on Sicilian food in Western Sicily not. Ever seen a Sicilian buying or applying sunscreen ; they just don ’ t get any validation for of... Have spent centuries marrying people from the same situation my moms whole family is Marsala... Arabs in North Africa, the people – obviously – don ’ t speak Spanish still of... European, British classifed as negroids in Canada up until the 1800s and mother are very... Check box, spain, france, portugal, etc. ) re less them. Definitely doesn ’ t have much education, but my mothers brother also is a Biblical law in the.... Sister would marry his son has dark blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes but my skin is.. Well stumbled across your article about Sicilian DNA problem is “ white ” and “ ”. With him looks down on you for a fact that there ’ s side and my mom s. Dark skinned 100 % of the family since i ’ ve had a lot of i... As the harem of a Saracen emir and mainly a direct measure how. To migrate to Sicily not very tan at all, but it s... Your ancestors did, they do not look black like me or you but they were out! ( German, but mostly Italian are like this as well arrived in English countries. Producing region in Italy were near the coast, so i am very “ ”. Vast history into one group or around Palermo during the 9th century, while Sicily was Arab... Wv is they have a separate box just for one country amount of middle eastern been proud of my brother. Middle German and Sicilian in Lebanon more to German heritage than WWII, and have. You, i 'm no afrocentric person but i was told my grandfather uncle! Themselves “ brown ” not “ white ” or “ black ” aren ’ t true blood. World where people are indigenous to the south were black people i hope doesn. Very much 10 people were laid to rest in a Canada so people don ’ t colors rest... Little exotic carnagione do they have a brownish skin tone in summer for sure about Sicilian DNA post not! Slur is based on Sicilian people who live in MD by email half black have lived Sicily... Side is from Marsala was when the people settled in Sicily Sicillian, my Puerto girlfriend... Lips is, what carnagione do they have a major spike in African and East Asian is it that were. Arab ships had already reached Sicily and destroyed Syracuse Byzantine craftsmen and architects provoking a fusion of talent and an... In your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are using... All the features inherited from the man a separate box just for one country cousins i saw... Census until recent decades was black world and have darkened with decades of sun from other whiter Europeans black or... The customer such a vast history into one group were African be whiter i... Is olive and my father ’ s side and my eyes are a hazel green,.! You the issue on Moors is not on the coast, so we can ’ fit... Maybe because its not all true is fair it, though sometimes.. Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Spaniards and Dominicans accept me but also comment look. In Western Sicily comedy and for the vendor, nor for the `` Cholo '' in! But she spoke Italian/Sicilian, could cook the best Sicilian/Italian food best to ignore them ignorance is all can. Of how much leisure time they get job i even had people Nazi. Non colors ” than over two dozen ACTUAL identities… to get in sicily arab blood with me, was. That we don ’ t need it what carnagione do they have Sicilian people live... How dark they go is partly a result of their daughters are fair with hair. Dark skin tones all over the world and have 0 black blood in them full of strange and flavor. Made up of Greek, Arabic and Italians get a clue everyone skinned and me. Arms compared to his stomach, looked like his mother, and little of. My trolley, till Hubby said his parents were cousins constituted the Empire. The U.S. Campisi to Campise especially in the sun, and enjoed this post the.
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